30 Days of TAH, day 30 - Your Favorite Moment(s)

Every moment that has been either seeing a show LIVE or on my iPod has been a favorite moment. Acker and Blacker and all the WorkJuice Players have never ceased to give a moment that doesn’t instill fun or entertainment.

Thank You.

PS: Thanks to the organizers of 30 Days of TAH, it’s been real fun.

30 Days of TAH, Day 27 - TAH in other media

What other ways would you like to consume TAH?

My choices for where The Thrilling Adventure Hour could next conquer?

Another Graphic Novel: Without hesitation, there should be another novel. Maybe focus on secondary storylines? Even stories that have been podcasted. (i.e. Tales From The Black LagoonDesdemona Hughes and even translate Mbar scripts (where podcasts don’t even exist for these, but I bet Acker and Blacker have them written down somewhere.)

An Animated Anthology Series: Similar to the stage show. But now taking the secondary and tertiary characters and story lines and expanding it from there.

Guest-Starring TAH Characters Cameo in Other Series: Get popular shows to do actual LIVE ACTION cross-overs with characters from Thrilling Adventure Hour. Either as Dream sequences or straight out inclusion into the series storyline.

A Complete Action Figure Line: Main characters and other additional characters.

A Coloring Book Series: Yes, kids will love them but be honest adults, you’d color in them too, right?

Apps For Your iPhone/iPad and oh ok Android devices: From puzzle games etc… Skies the limit for this area of merchandising.

This is just to name a few. Ok, I’ll edit this post if I think of more.

30 Days of TAH, Day 26 - Guest Stars

The Guest Stars. The Guest Stars. So, many, that this universe has such a glorious sky when looking up at performance night or on the night of podcast release. Place a star up into the sky for all the great stars that have performed over the years and one could walk down a country road with no lights and still find their way.

Favorite is a tough term to pin down with the TAH. So, these are ones who quickly come to the surface of my mind.

Favorite Guest Stars:

Clancy Brown

Timothy Omundson

Zachary Levi 

Molly Quinn

The guests that do come into the universe blend in so well that they just fit.  The words, the enunciations just flow. Making a it joy to listen. 

Future Guest Stars: I’d like to hear perform on TAH

Michael Emerson (Person of Interest, LOST)

James Earl Jones

Malcolm McDowell

Guest Writers:

Neil Gaiman

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh & Dan Povenmire (Phineas and Ferb Creators)

Joss Whedon

Aaron Sorkin

No more elaboration, just straight to the point. My entry for the day.

30 Days of TAH, Day 25 - Special Episodes

Definitely, my favorite sections are as the following:

Behind the Scenes at TAH: Paul F Tompkins and Marc Evan Jackson These guys do a great job fielding, commenting and answering the questions submitted. When they have occasional guest, it’s fun too but those two can angle a segment such as these quite well by themselves. It is always a treat to hear this one.

Bucatino Business: Think we need to learn a bit more about this business. Even though it i family run and technically a private company, there need to be more. Even tried to send my resume to Dan Bucatino (Craig Cackowski). I was politely turned down. But, I will still listen.

Comic-Con Panels: Oh, these are public displays of golden moments. Especially, if a video version of the said panel is eventually brought to light.

To say it boldly, when searching out for podcasts that have WorkJuice Players as guests, you can’t go wrong. I will confidently say, not one that I have discovered, has ever been less that extremely entertaining. The WorkJuice Players are by far one these best, well mannered, funny and engaging troupe I have heard or seen. Hands down.

PS: Video Podcast I have discovered or audio podcast. 

Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show: One in particular, Paget Brewster interviews Marc Evan Jackson.

A Bit of A Chat with Ken Plume: You can’t go wrong when Hal Lublin or Paul F Tompkins show up on this one. Be warned it is a long and usually very funny conversation. These are good when traveling from state to state or in LA traffic.

30 Days of TAH, Day 24 - Your Big Night

So, for a moment, I stand there dumbfounded. I look back at Acker and Blacker.

There standing not three feet from me, is one man dressed in a plaid button down collared shirt and another in a neutral colored collared shirt. The man in plaid gives me a smile. 

"Really," Blacker says. “This isn’t some well concocted ruse”.

I take the white pages filled with what I gather is an amazing collection of words. Held together by a single silver ring in the upper left hand corner of the page. The cover sheet lays out each section of the forthcoming show. 

I scan the pages. I see the cast. I stop and stare.

There in black. Listed as a cast member credit in the script. Is. my. NAME! I gasp.

"Really?" I shake my head in disbelief.

Acker and Blacker look me in the eye. 

"You sure about this?" I stammer.

Acker and Blacker again shake their heads.

Now, I don’t drink alcohol. But after looking at the script and seeing my name in print upon this script. I seriously consider to start drinking. 

I take a deep breath. I step back, almost wanting a quick getaway as I feel a pang of stage fright  in my gut.

Acker and Blacker reach for me. 

"No, the stage is that way! The Bens says in perfect unison. Pointing and gesturing for me to go. 

Looking back, I eye the stage door for a hasty getaway. But, just as my muscles twitch for a spontaneous exit, a door opens. Out steps, Paul F, Marc Evan, Gags and Craig. They block my path. On the opposite side backstage, Annie, Paget and Autumn prevent me from dashing off in that direction.  They all gesture with their expressions and heads to head towards the stage.

I pause. I swallow. Even though my throat is dry and a desert that has had no rain in forever. 

The Bens clear a path for me. I stutter step to the backstage area where the curtain is. The music is beginning to play by Andy Paley and his orchestra. A moment later, the music gently settles down. 

I keep pushing forward and in a dream like state the other WorkJuice players push past me almost dragging me like a twig in the current of a river. And get me on my mark, just behind the curtains.

I can hear Hal is beginning his narration for the first segment of tonight’s Thrilling Adventure Hour.

In one last gasp and one more moment of panic, I look at the script that is in my hands.  I instinctively look for my part in the show. I find it. All those butterflies are gone. I am now a consummate profession. I will go on and perform this show to the best of my abilities. 

My part is. The Echo. Everything Hal is to say I am to echo in either a mimc, caricature or even a to ally different voice to what Hal says.

The Bens have not told Hal this (his script has no mention of me anyway), everyone else backstage is in on it. They smile and urge me on. 

The curtain is pulled back. The lights shine so bright at me I envision this is like the light at the end of the tunnel. And I am not going to die onstage! I WILL NOT!

30 Days of TAH - Day 23 - Beyond Belief Quotes

Oh, so many lines. How can one pick one among many that bring joy, fun, excitement to one’s heart when listening to a podcast such as this. Even during a LIVE, I say to myself in case the audience reaction drowned out some of the words, I’ll be able to re-catch in the podcast.

Thanks again Mr. Acker and Blacker for getting them to podcast form.

On to my picks of just a taste of the quotes I enjoyed over the years.

Episode 178: Jones on Third; It sticks in my mind as one of my favorite exchange.

Sadie: Don’t goad the narrator darling, his job is thankless enough…. Spooky Hal: Thank you 

Episode 172: The Bloodsucker Proxy

Frank: Oh! I don’t know if I know any scary stories.

Sadie: FRANK. This bottle is empty!


Episode 143 Son of Beyond Belief

Frank: Well, they get old so fast, don’t they love?

Sadie: Children?

Frank: No, these pleas for supernatural assistance.

Sadie: But if we didn’t have these adventures, Frank, we’d only ever see each other.

Frank: I could live with that.

Episode 153: When Cthulu Cthalls

Frank: Hello! Please don’t come in.

There are so, so many more but those are the quickest of ones I could undercover in my head.

30 Days of TAH, Day 22 - Your Monday Ritual

I’ll be honest and raise my hand and say, “New arrivals on Monday?” Unfortunately, I am usually so discombobulated during Monday, I never know which way is up, down, left, right, port or starboard. So, I didn’t even realize it was released on Monday. 

So, when I get a moment to breathe and connect my iPod to my computer, I look to see if I have space to add anything. 

When I do see a new TAH, I immediately get it in the iPod. As I have a menagerie of podcasts but always make room to have The Thrilling Adventure Hour on there for those short drives to the store or even those ones where I get stuck behind a shall I say non-cooperative driver who can not interface with their gas pedals.  

But, I have to leave now and get my daughter some dinner. It is a special night tonight. We are eating out at Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken. But as we drive there, we will be listening to the newest of episodes from The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

30 Days of TAH, Day 21 - Musical Associations

I admit this was tough as Thrilling Adventure Hour is a unique entity. Andy Paley's and other guest music for the show is perfect. And I'll admit I don't connect outside music to the show but the show I might apply outside to other subjects. But, if I have to, I will choose the following:

Beyond Belief:  Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo. A song about the dead and having a good old time. And I’m pretty sure there would be some drinking.

Sparks Nevada, Marshal on MarsHoedown by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. It is a western style theme but still jazzy into the future feel and after listening several times, could just see Sparks getting some toe tapping into it. Pus, Croach just might find it stimulating.

Honorable Mention: The F Troop Theme (Just listen & you’ll understand)

Captain Laserbeam: LAPD by Carl Stewart (Night Patrol Soundtrack) A film from the ‘80’s but is so looney that it just has a tone that makes me think of what can become any situation into a looney situation in Apex City.

Moonshine HollerMemphis Train Blues by R.E.M. It is just a nice traveling song with the taste of a boxcar.

Tales From The Black Lagoon: The Night That Never End by The Cat Empire. It has a nice eccentric 1940’s feel and is varied enough to go off on a tangent like Chapman can get into during his tales.

And those are my musical picks.

30 Days of TAH - Day 20 - Adventurekateers!

As my best friend Adventurekateer, I will say is Emily (Annie Savage) . When things don’t add up, I go to her to get to the sum quickly. And she makes sure Elisabeth enunciates her words for all to understand her, even though she doesn’t. If one is going to spend time in this clubhouse, she makes sure everyone understands each other.

My job at the clubhouse would be making sure fresh Twinkies are on the snack table every morning. And to sweep the balconies of any dirt that Captain Laserbeam might have tracked into the clubhouse

My quirk that would drive Captain Laserbeam up the wall every time I meet him is that I must polish the crystals of each and every one of his laser beams to make sure the optics are perfect.  

Must always keep your optics clean!


30 Days of TAH - Day 20 - Adventurekateers!

You did it! You’ve been accepted as an Adventurekateer!  You got your pass into the Adventurekateer Clubhouse, your Adventurekateer T-shirt is freshly ironed and your mom signed the permission slip! (because you’re 12 again, sorry about that.)

Who is your Adventurekateer Best Friend? (aka, your favorite Adventurekateer?  Here’s a handy list at the TAH Wiki.)  What job do you have at the Adventurekateer Clubhouse?  What quirk of yours would drive Captain Laserbeam up the wall every time you met him?

(As an option, you can also answer today’s question as an Investigateen, if you’d like.)

The awesomest person of the day is danigi for creating today’s artwork.  Thank you Dani! <3