30 Days of TAH: Day 14 - Adventureketeer Recruitment

Have you ever gotten someone else to listen to TAH?  What did you or say do to convince them to listen?  Are there any resources you’ve used or gotten anyone else involved in getting them to listen?  Any great memories of someone you’ve convinced to listen reacting to the show?

I have mentioned to persons who have asked and are looking for a podcast, which one should they listen to and my immediate answer is The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Have they listened to me? Not sure, I don’t have the metrics and the statistics on that, specifically.

Now, to persons I have actually gotten to listen that I can attest to them actually listening in my presence. 

1) My daughter. I drive her around and around from this activity to that. From this person to that. And on several occasion, she and I have taken trips to visit my parents. Listening to what has been downloaded before the trip. And she is always glad to know when I have a new episode on my iPod while in the car. Plus. My daughter is still looking for a Croach Plush to add to her collection ( #CROACHPLUSHLIVES ) But openly, she is ecstatic when there is a new Beyond Belief. I can hear her laugh at the 9:40 mark of Episode 172: The Bloodsucker Proxy - Town Hall NYC Variant.  

2) My wife: In the beginning. She was reluctant. But when she saw that I got tickets to see this show LIVE, she capitulated. And to make sure she understood the show, while on that family trip to visit my parents (All 6.5 hours to 8hrs, depending on traffic) I made sure she heard all aspects of a typical Thrilling Adventure Hour stage show. And I listen can hear her laugh during the Podcast Episode # 166, Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars (Emperor of Mars - Variant B) 

And when we were able to go as a family to Town Hall in NYC, it was a great evening for all. The show and especially for the autographs the cast were able to sign for my daughter. She still talks about that.

30 Days of TAH: Day 13: Favorite Non-Major Characters

Day 13 - Favorite Non-Major characters!

I will now talk about all those characters who aren’t the stars of their own segments.  The supporting characters.  Whether they’ve recurred or just showed up once, these can make all the difference in an episode.

When picking at least three to five in all of the TAH-verse of Non-Major characters this is what I have deduced of who I would enjoy listening to or even seeing LIVE.  These are those standout characters that come to my mind. 

1) Beyond Belief: Donna Henderson and Michelle. There is a lot that can be fleshed out with these two. Their abilities and interactions could further enrich the area of the TAH Universe for which they live in.

2) Bucatino Business: Just learning more behind the commercial would be and could be classic.

3) Moonshine Holler: Curious Pete, just to learn more about this hobo who doesn’t believe Moonshine Holler exists. Sort disbelieving tales along the rails.

4) Marc Evan Jackson’s One Minute Mysteries: What else can I say? Need more mystery.

Public Service Announcement for TAH fans!


Thrilling Adventure Hour fans! 

Craig Cackowski fans!

As announced here on Kevin Pollak’s twitter, Craig Cackowski will be a guest on this Sunday’s (September 14, 2014) Kevin Pollak Chat Show! Maybe he’ll introduce KPCC to the Hobo way!



Happy Birthday to the one true gentleman of comedy Paul F. Tompkins. 
(September 12, 1968)

30 Days of TAH: Day 12 Sparks Nevada Universe Quotes

My favorite quotes or lines in the Sparks universe, go like this:

1) The Marshal’s Station Doors are Open

2) Groossss

3) Under Onus

Those are examples of lines/phrases I may use in my daily lexicon. But in general, all of those crafted exchanges, please me and I am under onus to Acker and Blacker for the fun that they create with those words.

Reblog If You Haver Ever Used One of These Or Just Know What It Is










It’s scares me that only 16,000 people know what this is

wtf is this some kind of choclat bar

This object has killed over 400,000 people

oh my god. 


We’re old.




little kids must’ve of wondered what the hell Peter was listening too 

30 Days of TAH: Day 11 - Beyond Belief Favorites

 It should come as no surprise that now it’s time for your 3 - 5 favorite Beyond Belief episodes.  Need help? 

Oh, yes I did have to look a the Wiki to re-educate on all the nuances of the Beyond Belief universe. I remember them well, but in these days of amazing entertainment by Ackeer and Blacker. I did review the  episodes to very excruciatingly narrow it down to three favorite episodes.

Now, Frank and Sadie, (Paul F and Paget, respectfully) I may put down three but officially it is in no top three order. Just to make actually sound democratic or non-biased. If you care. Ok it may be in numerical order, I get that way sometimes.

Now on to the three:

1) Episode #5 -  Wishing Hell: The only time I find clowns funny is when Acker and Blacker take them on and give them to Frank and Sadie to deal with. I had been listening to TAH, and was going back to episodes I never heard and when I heard this one. I laughed out loud while driving home and while stopped at a light, I got a “are you crazy look” from the car next to me. I kept listening and have enjoyed anytime Sadie encounters a clown.

2)  Episode #80 - Sarcophagus Now: Great episode, enjoyed it all but will state a bias to it. Was animating a snippet of it, so it got stuck into my head. In general it is a strong episode, a fun listen.

3)  Episode 172 [Variant B] - The Bloodsucker Proxy: This was a great episode. Terrific cast. Great dialog. But again, I will be biased to this variant. It was performed at Town Hall in NYC. Saw this one LIVE and from the front row. The cast was working well together. Oh, Dick Cavett too. And to see/hear, Frank and Sadie just a few feet away from where I sat, magical. Oh, nod to the The Invisible Beings, Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi and Jonathan Coulton, just killed it that night. 

Honorable Mention:

4) Episode #178 - Jones on Third: Really enjoyed that full on play on words of a Film Noir detective movie. One highlight was the beginning where Spooky Hal gets interrupted, corrected and goaded. But back to the episode, those corrections and word play make it an complete pleasure to listen. 

And that puts my ending on tonight’s final feature. 

30 Days of TAH: Day 10 - The Chrono Agency

As my school teachers taught me: repeat the question.

Congratulations!  You did it!  After years of rigorous Chrono Training under General George Washington, you’ve earned your Chrono Agent badge and it’s time for your first mission! 

Amelia Earhart runs up to you.  We’ve got a pesky infestation of Nazis threatening to put the kibosh on Paul Revere’s midnight ride! 

An exceedingly British voice. “There’s a tempest of a timephoon headed right for the Globe Theatre, threatening to wipe out the Bard himself as well as all his storied playwriting!  Trick Clock, open up a time hole!”

Amelia Earhart and Colonel Tick-Tock both await your answer, but you can only choose one — with whom do you go and why?

I am going with Colonel Tick-Tock and Trick Clock. For the next several reasons:

A) Flying is nice but just stepping through a TimeHole and viola, save’s energy to be used to deal with the issue that approaches.

B) All those villainous puns and time related jabs. I vote for that.

C) Trick Clock: Who wouldn’t want to have a lengthy conversation with a sentient mechanical device that can keep time and take you through time?

D) Always wanted to go to the British Isles and surrounding countryside anyway.

E) The hope that I might get a clock such as this one would be just stupendous. 

F) She might not be amused but I sure would like to be able to meet Queen Victoria.

30 Days of TAH: Day 9 - What else would I like to see The Bens write?

What other works of the Bens have I seen or read?  

I own a copy of the film, Drones. And watch it when I need an additional dose of Ben/Ben during the month. 

As a supporter of my local library, I recently checked out Wolverine: Season One. I admit, I haven’t read it completely yet (But I am working on it) . 

If you could have the Bens write an episode or script for any TV show, comic series movie franchise — whatever, what would you love to see them take a crack at? 

The Man From Atlantis - 1977

I think they could ReBoot this TV Series…

It had humor and drama and action that I believe The Bens would be able to bring all of it out and make fans from the original and make new fans of this concept. It had a range of characters that they would be able to push further beyond the limits that were originally portrayed in the TV series. 

(Keeping it short and concise today)

Hal Lublin - A Nightmare Beyond Belief
690 plays



A Nightmare Beyond Belief

Lyrics here at the Thrilling Adventure Hour Wiki.

Music and lyrics by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and Eban Schletter.

Audio is from The Thrilling Adventure Hour #143: A Halloween Beyond Belief

Hey WTNV friends who haven’t given TAH a listen yet…. just press play.  Because Hal can sing.

Just in time to put the little ones to sleep with. Listen and make sure to turn out the lights afterwards.